Meet Our Team


At The Garcia Сompanies, we’re committed to investing in the people at TGC. We are dedicated to creating a culture of innovation, collaboration, authenticity, and accountability, one that enables every employee to make an impact.

We believe that companies, like individuals, need to be dynamic, nimble, and ever-evolving, while staying true to their core values. In our unflagging pursuit of more creative, ethical, and socially conscious solutions, we are consistently fine-tuning and paving an uncharted path to success for both our team and our brands.

Dany Garcia


Dany Garcia is a groundbreaking visionary, and the definition of a mogul: a chairwoman, entertainment magnate, founder, investor, producer, professional athlete, and philanthropist. The architect behind some of today’s most successful enterprises and brands, her innovative, global approach, precise instincts, and years of experience in the finance industry have led to trusted partnerships across verticals.