The Garcia Companies is a brand management and holding company with a passion for identifying and growing the global impact and value of each of its clients.

With extensive experience in talent and media management, The Garcia Companies provides creative consulting, strategic marketing and corporate brand development services. The Garcia Companies works to deliver sophisticated strategy initiatives to bridge the relationship between the client and the consumer/audience creating greater awareness and broader market delivery channels. Whether in feature films, television, publishing, commercials, digital content, consumer goods and services , we guide careers with confidence and global expertise cultivating projects and brands with the potential for longevity and cross-media appeal.

The team's management expertise and business acumen is derived from the leadership of its Chairwoman, Dany Garcia. Garcia combines over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry with a rich background in business and finance to bring a unique approach to guiding strategy and career development. .

The Garcia Companies client portfolio has recently grown beyond talent to include investment and holding relationships in the restaurant service, commercial property, health and lifestyle industries, among others.
Our Team

Dany Garcia

As founder and CEO, Dany Garcia brings over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry to The Garcia Companies and, along with her clients, continues to grow her outstanding reputation within the industry. With an extensive background in business and finance, she has found continued success as a producer in television, feature films, and sports entertainment, in addition to her role as manager and business partner to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Ms. Garcia is also a lifelong philanthropist, with a dedication to various causes and foundations across the country.


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